Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Miss Doris MayDay

As I was having a typical lazy evening, avoiding doing any and everything productive-I browsed through the TV listings and stopped on TLC's "MyCrazy Obsession" after seeing the following description: "Flashback to the 50's; Everything about Doris is from 1950." Of course my thought was "Well that doesn't sound "crazy"!! Poppycock!" (because obviously I love to use old timey swear words) Too bad I had to sit through the first half of the show to get to Doris (a husband AND wife who collect "love dolls", use your imagination, or don't, at any rate-EW), but the last 15 minutes I sat there in awe. She deserved the whole episode if you ask me!

Major kudos to this girl. How much work goes into her make up/hair/outfits!? I mean sweet holy moly. Don't even get me started on that breathtaking house of hers. Immediately I had to google this 50's goddess, turns out she's very well known as a model and all over the Pin Up Girl Clothing site. And what a glorious discovery that site was, now if only I had more money, le sigh. This girl gets paid to look fabulous and wear vintage or vintage inspired/reproduction clothing, and/or be a vintage ambassador of sorts at conventions and fairs. 

Beyond jealous. That is all.


  1. She is gorgeous!I have yet to see this episode but I've wanted to catch it,the eye candy alone would make it worth sitting through the doll collector part.

    1. Yes! Her house was just stunning, I can only begin to imagine how much time and money went into getting all of those pieces. And getting paid to wear vintage or vintage like clothes all day? Yes please.