Monday, April 29, 2013

Quick Product Review - Impress Press on Manicure

So in my pursuit to add a little glamour to my life, I decided to try the above mentioned product, kinda adorable in it's cute little nail polish bottle packaging:
fake nails manicure Impress Press On
After all, every polished lady of the 40's and 50's had their nails done, so I had to make the effort. Why not just paint my nails you ask? Well because I lack that dainty, lady like quality one needs for manicured nails, I think my longest no-chip stint was about three hours. Which brings us back to the press-ons. I choose a classic red, and it was really very pretty in person. 
Here's what they look like on: (excuse the bad lighting/my old lady hands, but you get the idea)
fake nails manicure Impress Press On

They give you a variety of sizes in the bottle, you go through and find the right size for each nail, peel off the sticky, and badda bing! Some of them were a little large/long for each finger, and you can't tell by the picture, but there was a weird sort of small tab at the end of each finger tip (I guess to show you which way out?), both of which I think would have been fine after some filing. Problem is it turns out I'm not a fake nails kind of girl either :( I ripped them off after about two hours. The feeling of them tugging on my own nail just kinda gave me the creeps. I do think this is a really great product however and still a good option for special occasions.  It definitely delivers on it's promises and looks very nice, unfortunately it's just not for me. Once I can find shellac that is not tested on animals that will be my next adventure in manicures, but for the time being I will just have to be content with my toes done and to let my nails run free :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nostalgia, vintage cookbooks...and jelly muffins!

Behold the amazing-ness that is the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cook Book, circa 1955!

50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro
 I'm a Hostess of tomorrow, right? I kinda look like the girl garnishing the wiener...ah well.
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro 50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

At any rate - safety first people!  
(Click to see enlarged pictures!)                                    
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

But it doesn't hurt to look cute in the process!
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro
I cannot even explain how enamored with this book I am, the pictures, the illustrations, it's like when I look through it I feel I can temporarily have a smidge of that connection to the past I crave, it's a little bit of magic really. I'm sure this would be the case with all vintage cookbooks, I must buy more.

50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

Everything just looks so perfect!

I mean come on, there's a HOT DOG BUN BOAT!! What's not to love?! Bob's a lucky man.
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

The Tutti-frutti-ice Sparkle is definitely going on the summer menu, somehow I doubt it will look as pretty, but you can bet I'm going to try!50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro Also on the summer "To-Do" list:

50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro This both scares and intrigues me!

I could gush and gush about how much I love this little book, but onto the main subject of this post...jelly muffins!! These are really delicious, and make a perfect breakfast or snack! The recipe just states you need "jelly" which really could be any type, but most likely just plain grape then as there wasn't as much variety. So it's up to you how authentic you want to be!
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro muffins
I've made them with red raspberry, grape and strawberry, all a hit!
Last night I whipped up a batch for my best friend who's coming over tonight for wine, muffins and giggles. She's not a retro gal like me, but she loves good food! (and good company...ahem.)

Mid prep: (They have you mix the wet and dry ingredients separately, then combine)

The finished product! Aren't they gorgeous? I love the added bonus of the whole apartment smelling just gorgeous for a few hours after!
I think this little beauty under the "salad" section will be my next attempt, I'll be sure and take pictures if I do!
50's 1950's cookbook nostalgia vintage retro

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top Eyeliner Picks-Every Retro Gal's Must Have!

Eyeliner is a massive Godsend, I'm not being over dramatic, it really is. Without it I look a mess, and not a hot mess either, just a mess. See, even Barbie had some killer line-age going on, she knew what was up:
50's 1950's Barbie retro vintage

 I remember when I first fell in love with eyeliner, I was about 14 or 15, dressing up as a Go-Go dancer for Halloween. I wore a beautiful "far out" dress (which I still have) handmade by my lovely Mom, and as I did my liquid eyeliner for the first time in the CabaƱa bathroom,  it was like a whole new world opened up to me. Immediately I was in love with this dramatic, heavy-eyed look, even the feel of it on my eyelids. It took me a few years to work up my nerve and wear it out in public (remember this was before people became quite so de-sensitized to vintage), but after that I never looked back.

60's mod go-go yeah baby

That's exactly what I looked in my dress. Exactly. ---->

Or not. At any rate, over the years I've grown to be really picky about my eyeliners, especially liquid. So I thought I'd save everyone the time, money and frustration of sifting though a ton of brands, and give my favorite picks for pencil and liquid eyeliners. Here is my criteria:

1. Is it tested on animals? (Obviously we are looking for a NO here, and are going off of their website)
2. How good is the formula? (No cracking for the liquids, no raccoon eyes etc)
3. Price
4. Accessibility (All of my picks are drug store brands)

So you are lucky enough to live in the U.K., France, Australia etc (basically most countries aside from the U.S.) pick yourself up one of these little gems, Bourjois Liner Pinceau:
50's 1950's 60's 1960's retro vintage
This stuff is the best of the best, has a really thick formula that lasts all day and night without cracking, and is readily available in drug stores (and at corresponding prices!), for the above mentioned countries.

That is not the case here in the U.S., I used to order this from but sadly my budget is just not having it anymore, and seeing as it was coming to about $15 for one tube I am inclined to agree. Le sigh.

Thus my new liquid eyeliner of choice,
NYC/New York Color Liquid Eyeliner:
50's 1950's 60's 1960's retro vintage

I wish I had discovered this sooner, and honestly I can't tell the difference between this and the above, it stays just as long, doesn't crack, and has a nice thin brush. The brush is the key here, I'm not a fan of the "felt tip". Some people find it easier to work with but I personally prefer the brush, you can get more detailed, and shape the line exactly as you please. These go for about 3 bucks a pop at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.  

Now onto pencils. 

The winner in this category is the very budget friendly e.l.f. Eye Brightening Pencil, sells for $1 at Target, and even comes with a little sharpener!  I did not have any problems with it smudging, and as an added bonus it went on very smoothly. So what's not to love really!

There is a third category of eyeliners if neither one of these strikes your fancy, and that is crayon or "gel" eyeliner. Gel usually comes in a little pot and you need a brush to use it, aka too much hassle for me, which is why the crayon is better choice if you are a fan of this formula. My pick of from this category is the Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Crayon:

Now, when they say "ColorStay" they mean Color. Stay. Sometimes a little bit too much, which in washing off can lead to excessive eye rubbing and wrinkles later on yadda yadda. But it absolutely works and does what it says it will. 

No matter what eyeliner you choose though, these kind of cotton swabs are essential:
 Usually called "cosmetics applicators" for some reason, but that's just a fancy name for a pointed Q-Tip. These are a life saver! All those hours of  swearing and starting all over again could have been severely reduced with these puppies. They sell for $2 at Target for a box of 75 (I use one a day).

Hope this helped narrow down your search for the perfect eyeliner, au revoir darlings!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M.I.A. No Longer!

A quick post to get the ball rolling here after my nearly three year absence!

I thought I'd just start off with a little find of mine the other day - this adorable head scarf with mock bow I picked up in Urban Outfitters (can you believe it?)!
A little pricey at $14, but it feels like nice strong material that should last awhile.

Not as cute as the full on head scarf:
But surely a lovely and glamorous edition to your house cleaning attire! ;)

Hope everyone is doing well, in the next couple of days I will be doing a post on every vintage gal's
must have - eyeliner!

Till then darlings!