Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Past and Present

Okay so anyone who knows me knows I almost always say I'm starting a diet or on one, etc. And like 95% of the rest of the female population, I start dry heaving at the thought of having "bare it all" (or close to) at the beach this summer.

Now that I've got everyone stressed out , there is an upside to all this. I've been watching loads of old movies recently and aside from having fantastic plots and story lines, another common theme in them are beautiful women. And I realized that these are the women that come to mind when I think of class, glamour, grace, and style.

All of these famous leading ladies, and hardly a stick figure in sight. Not a fair comment to those naturally born thin? Well I'm not talking about them. Lots of thin gorgeous women graced the big screen during the golden days of Hollywood, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn etc, but point being they were natural. As most actresses today are not, all seeming to be in competition with each other as to who can eat the fewest pieces of lettuce.

Whist searching for pictures I came across this quote from Christina Hendricks who really sums up my current position perfectly:

But spending so much time with my nose in the past and these old movies has finally made me feel at least a bit more confident in myself, seeing all these fabulous women in such a flattering light (or maybe it's the black and white quality? ha) . So to prove my point I've done my best to narrow this list of examples down to 10 women. 5 actresses from days that have gone, and for those of you not so much loving the past; 5 that are out there now giving all us curvy girls a good name. Past and Present-enjoy :)


The beautiful Rita Hayworth, who I am just learning about. So beautiful that it was an impossible task to choose just one photo.

How could I not include our dear Marilyn? She was the first woman out there to be an hour-glassed shaped sex bomb. These pictures of her on the beach before she was famous are my favorites. Can you believe she's actually got a normal stomach there, and a roll?! Golly.

And another with more of her signature look. Yes Marilyn gets two pictures because she is that special.

Of course Elizabeth Taylor made the list, another famous hour-glass beauty.

Raquel Welch, who shocked those squares right out of their pressed suits with this movie poster for 'One Million Years B.C.'

I have a feeling the movie may not have accurately depicted "the way it was", and I'm sure the women definitely did not look like that haha. Below, a more candid Raquel.

Another long haired beauty, Sophia Loren. Can't even fathom the thought that a picture of an actress with visible cellulite would be used for publicity, and not tabloids.


Dita Von Teese, a siren who wears the reddest lipstick I've seen in a long time, and magnificent 50's style!

Jennifer Hudson, a fabulous actress and singer.

Charlize Theron, curvy woman-yes, but I'm including her mainly for her ability and willingness to transform herself for her movies, often in an unflattering light.(But I will depict her in a flattering one haha)

The sexy redhead of the bunch, Christina Hendricks, whom I quoted earlier. She's the only "real" woman I can think of on TV today.

And lastly, my favorite "Present" woman, Kate Winslet. Such a talented actress, and never without grace and class.


  1. Wow.
    Fab post!
    It was a nice reminder that you don't have to be a stick to be considered beautiful. All the pictures/actresses you chose actually had it all. The looks,the talent, the body. The whole package.
    I too dread the bathing suit season, but luckily with living in Canada....I almost never wear mine! :) But I do find myself battling my weight and constantly thinking about how I need to loose weight, or tone, or whatever in order to be happier. I dropped 70 pounds and I still sometimes feel like the little fat girl.
    So thank you for the little drop of sunshine :)

  2. Becky your comment nearly made me cry, thank you! I couldn't be any happier it was a bit of a comfort, that's exactly what I hoped to achieve by posting it. I often need the reminder myself also. 70 pounds is a huge achievement! You are definitely not the little fat girl xx

  3. Adore it luv!

    Everything you said is 100% spot on!! This is wonderful! It's so nice to have someone who considers themself curvy to be pushing the fact that it is normal, because most of the time, it's not even talked about! Why is it such a damn tabboo?!

    Mind you, All these gorgeous curvy ladies, most of them are my same size (especially Marilyn and Kate Winslet), yet I still would never wear a bikini myself! I'd feel absolutely ridiculous! I can tell you, I've never worn one in all my life and I can't say I will anytime soon! I find that sad, because I'm in the prime of my life! I have far more cellulite and flab than Marilyn, mind you. She's very toned.

    Anyway, it's just really nice to know that being curvy is encouraged by the likes of you luv, because sometimes I feel very alone and as if no-one wants me to look this way!
    Thankyou so much luv.

  4. Btw beautiful pic of Liz Taylor, she's my icon :)
    I was named after her and so proud to have been!

  5. I know luvvy! I have no idea why it's so taboo and it really annoys me! Usually if people are spotlighting "real" women in the media it's in terms of a "plus-size" model or some nonsense! Or by someone who not much bigger than Twiggy! So glad you appreciated it doll! Thank you for the comments! xx xx

  6. YES! It makes me sick when sizes such as (I'll put it in US sizes) 8, 10 and 12 are called plus size! To me plus size is a size 22 or so. Like, really, it's not a big deal, because US 10 is the most common clothing size and people make out it's sooo unusual to see someone who is confident being that size! So taboo!

    And I can't stand the way magazines call some very overweight women "Curvy" or "Voluptuous", when they're not the same as us, they are actually bordering obese. It makes me feel grouped in with them. xxx

  7. GORGEOUS ladies!! I can't believe how cute Marilyn Monroe's little belly roll looks. I just realized that I don't think I've ever seen a belly roll like that on any professional actress (except maybe on the cover of "Stars With Cellulite" editions of the Enquirer). Thanks for posting!

  8. Oh wow sis, I was so happy after reading your post, it really made my day! As you know I am struggling with my weight myself, and like you I been on and off diets like a gazillion times, I am even keeping a food diary now to keep on track with everything and I write down all the calories.
    I'm embarrassed to go swimming as I hate it when people would look at me and see my roll or my cellulite, my boyfriend keeps telling me that he loves me for who I am and of course I really am happy of that, but deep inside you just feel insecure you know. a few days ago I decided to wear one of my favorite trousers that I havent had on for a few weeks and I couldn't even close the button!!!! So yeah sometimes I just get so down with it all.Seeing all these beautiful classy and elegant curvy women, at least give me the feeling that you indeed don't have to be a skinny minny to be considered beautiful. Thank you sis xxx

  9. Thank you both so much for the comments! Brit Fancy-I know I can't think of any either which is why I thought it seemed important I include that pic! It's sad that something natural and normal like that is so shocking to see these days but sadly it is!
    Sis-thank you! I know how you feel about the bathing suit thing, I'm thinking of finding a 50's style suit like Marilyn and make that would work out? haha I know no matter what people say will make a difference , thats also why I wanted to post this, cause it makes you see curves in a wonderful light.
    Really glad you both liked it! xxx

  10. Hi there!

    It's @ByLaurenLuke :)
    Love this post! Very true and inspiring.
    It's always great to see others like you achieving great things in their lives. Gives us hope because it's so easy to fall into the mindset of "Oh I don't look like that, I don't talk like that, I don't do this or that so I'm never going to make my mark on the world" THAT IS JUST BS haha

    YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!! Put your mind to it and realize you're not going to please everyone. Keep people in your life that keep you energized and empowered even if they are celebrities and not close to you. Just having their photos (or YouTube videos ;) haha) playing all the time do wonders for the spirit.

    <3 Happy Friday to you Becky
    Thanks for the Tweet!