Tuesday, February 24, 2015

1950s Diet: Day 2 (Improvising and a Major Case of the Hungries)

Well as the title says, yesterday, Day 2 of the diet, was filled with lots of improvising (you can see Day #1 and all "suggested" meals here). I choose breakfast #4, the hot cereal option (as per the book's suggestion of alternating cereal and eggs. Apparently that way, it won't get boring, and I'll "forget" I'm even on a diet!...haha not likely) :

I ate at work, so compared to yesterday's cute soft-boiled egg and toast arrangement, here's my improvised version:
Fruit cup in place of the sliced orange, hot cereal (about 3/4 cup of steel cut oatmeal) with 1 tbsp of brown sugar (I allowed myself a bit more sugar since the oatmeal was made with water, not milk), 1 slice of marble rye with 1 tsp of butter, and black tea, in my very touristy mug from Graceland :). I forgot my glass of milk at home, but I was kinda over having so much of it, so that worked out.

This kept me full for several hours unlike yesterday's breakfast, but oatmeal is really not a dieter's friend, calorie wise, so I'm not entirely sure why that's on the menu, but ok!

Lunch was a salad, this is what the book has to say for those of us who "bring money to school instead of a lunch-box":

After looking around a bit I came to realize that French and mayonnaise-based salad dressings were the most common, which ruled out my beloved ranch :( Hidden Valley started producing it in 1954, but it really didn't pick up speed and become popular until much later. "Salad oil" was around, but being that French is being considered too oily, that easily rules out Italian dressing too.
Adorable Wishbone ad from 1959. I would have been all over that "cheese" dressing!

My non "genie-us" salad: spinach ("leafy greens"!), cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, avocado, 1 hard boiled egg,  Monterey Jack cheese, croutons (to make up for the slice of bread), and I was stuck with a lemon juice/salt/pepper mix again for the dressing. 

It was all downhill from here. About an hour later I was starrrrvinggg. Like Chris Farley Gap Girls hungry.

My modern stomach is definitely not used to these potions, sad.

Here's what the book has to say on snacks: 

So munch on an apple I did. I could almost hear my stomach laughing at me for the lame attempt. By the time dinner rolled around I was famished again, here's what din looked like:
A salad (made up of spinach, pearl tomatoes, Beyond Meat grilled "chicken" strips, and the ever faithful lemon/salt/pepper dressing), homemade (vegetarian) vegetable/egg noodle soup (it tastes *just* like chicken noodle soup!, and could be made vegan with a noodle swap), 1 glass of milk (my only one for the day).

About two hours later I was starving again, so I broke into the Thin Mints. 

Fun Fact: by 1951, the Girl Scouts had three cookie varieties; Peanut Butter Sandwich, Shortbread, and Chocolate Mints (now known as Thin Mints). 

Now where can I get one of these swell 'Fatty' sweatshirts?!

That's it for Day 2 Daddy-Os, see ya tomorrow for Day 3 as I continue to navigate my way through this 50s diet!


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    1. I'm so glad you appreciate that haha. It was seriously the most accurate description I could think of!!

  2. I love your modern-day look at this 1950s diet. So funny!