Friday, May 3, 2013

Falsies Review/Quick Tutorial...Revlon Beyond Natural Lashes!

eyes makeup 60's 1960's falsies fake lashes

I went out like the above once in public, and it didn't go so well. I got a massive ear-full from the woman who was giving me a facial, she took it upon herself to tell me what men like (she looked like this by the way), and what make up was appropriate for night and for day. I didn't even bother to try and explain to her that I was just testing out my Twiggy make up, that I didn't think I would be going out at all etc, (not to mention the fact that I am a grown woman and it is none of her business whatsoever). I adore Twiggy and the make up look she made popular, I even bought a vintage pair of "Twiggy Lashes" that were sold in 1967:
eyes makeup 60's 1960's falsies fake lashes Twiggy
In this whole ensemble I was not wearing an false lashes however (this may have thrown babushka over the edge). The allure of falsies is such a mythical, magical one, they are so glamorous and finding just the right thickness and length for your eyes can be an art form. I don't wear them daily, but I love having them as an option for a special occasion.

makeup 60's 1960's falsies fake lashes retroHere's what we're working with in today's review:

FYI - these lashes do not come with adhesive, so I used Duo, which I had around and have always had good luck with. I got a set of the "Double Wink" lashes (the thickness of two sets, mid 60's style) and they are very soft and nice feeling. So after grabbing the lashes with my tweezers, I applied a thin layer of the adhesive like so:
eyes makeup 60's 1960's falsies fake lashes
Wait 30 seconds (for the glue to get sticky), bend them gently between your thumbs to loosen them up, then grab your tweezers again and apply:
(Use the tweezers to help push the lashes into your natural lash line!)
With the lashes:                                   Without:                                                    

Now as you can see they are a bit much for a normal day at the office (depending on your place of work!) 

If I were going to wear these out (at night) I would have 
trimmed them to start about there --->

You want them to start where your normal lashes do, but for the purposes of pictures and a review I just left them as is. They have a wide variety of sizes that would also be perfect for day/work wear, as well as sets of smaller lashes to customize to your liking:

All are relatively cheap (about $4 at Target) too, so not much to dislike really, it's definitely something I would buy again. Duo also makes falsies which are not bad either, but I found the Revlon ones to be a bit softer.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps saves ya a bit of time/money, till next time darlings!


  1. I wish you were my personal stylist :(

    1. I totally can be, I work for free!!