Friday, February 27, 2015

1950s Diet: Day 5 (Dining Out and a Fifties Fail)

Well, the day started out positively. 

Here's what I had for breakfast:
Black tea (no milk or sugar), fresh mixed fruit, 1 slice of marble rye (no butter), 1/2 an avocado, and 1 scrambled egg (no oil), salt & pepper

This ended up being my favorite breakfast thus far, SO yummy. Avocados and I are BFFs though so I pretty much love them in any way they come. I doubt avocado for breakfast was very common in the 50s but I wasn't feeling the milk so I allowed myself a few extra calories elsewhere. 
Lunch was black bean soup and salad from the work cafe. I used balsamic vinaigrette on the salad which I thin would have been 50s acceptable since in the book they suggest "vinegar dressing" with your dinner salad. The black bean soup not really 50s at all.

Dinner was a complete Fifties Fail. There's just no way around it. I had Chipotle. No picture needed. 

But if I were a teenager in the 50s eating out with my folks, here's what it might have looked like:

Italian - Dago Mike's Italian Restaurant 
Polynesian - Trader Vic's
French - Le Gai Pinguin Restaurant

Chinese - Guey Sam's
American food/coffee shops/diners aside, these were pretty much your choices for dining out in the early-mid 50s. Italian, Polynesian/Tiki places, French food, and Chinese were the most common choices if you wanted something "exotic." Japanese food was around a bit but didn't really take off until the mid 60s when it was brought to Los Angeles. Indian food really gained popularity in the 1960s as well, with the  huge spike in interest for Eastern culture. I'll touch on Mexican food a bit tomorrow. I tell ya what, I would have been (and still am) all over those Tiki places and Mai Tais, given the chance. 
The Tonga Room, San Francisco, 1950s
I mean look at that place, a water tank in the middle of the room?! A floating band?! The best. Speaking of the best, a a huge thank you to my Amy who helped me loads with inspiration for today's post (P.S. Her blog is my favorite).

So hopefully today's fail won't accept my weight loss, Day 6 should be better. See you then! xoxo

P.S. If you missed any of the fun click here to read from the beginning!


  1. Shut up. Also! This turned out amazing I don't know what you were on about before. And I am also Team Avocado. Avocado on everything.

    1. Thank you! You really helped so much though! Team Avocado 4 Eva xoxo