Thursday, February 26, 2015

1950s Diet: Day 4 (Cheerios and More Improvising!)

Okay so doing research for today's post was really fun. I'm a (home) baker and foodie, so I absolutely love seeing what products and foods were available during my favorite decade.

I went with option #2 for breakfast:

1 cup Cheerios, 1 tsp sugar, about 6oz orange juice, 8 oz of milk (I had black tea at work)

Now for the fun part. I found this adorable little cereal timeline (you can even see the complete list of what came out a particular year). 

Just for contrast, here's what came out the year I was born:
What a difference, huh? By the 80s things seemed so much commercialized, and heavily aimed at kids and their movies/tv shows. I have to say though, I remember that Ghostbusters cereal, and it was delish. 

So I ended up choosing Cheerios as my "ready-to-eat" cereal as it seemed the most common , economical choice for the average family, being that it's something everyone could enjoy, and you know those 50s ladies were budgeting wizards! 

How cute was that commercial? I wish ads were still like this, they're so much more convincing and the fun jingles really make you remember the name of the product. And you know what? I did feel the "go power", this breakfast wins for keeping me full the longest. 

For lunch let's pretend that I went out to the diner and got a burger and fries, the classic 50s teen-age meal! In reality this was a veggie burger from my work cafe, but it was really yummy and super duper filling. 

Dinner was 2 Gardein (vegetarian) "meat loaf" patties, about a cup of frozen peas, and a little over a cup of fresh spinach (lemon juice/salt/pepper dressing). I passed on the glass of milk, sorry Betty.

Despite the big lunch, yesterday I still didn't have that "bloated" feeling that I have sorta (unfortunately) become accustomed to. I think the general improvement has a lot to do with the smaller portions, and lack of oil (canola, which I had been having every morning in my omelette). I'm not sure if I've lost any weight or not, I'll weigh myself at the end of this experiment. But I think things are definitely headed in the right direction. 

Still might look into getting one of these fat jiggler machines though.

Pretty sure this lady doesn't need one.


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