Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gonna Put It In The Want Ads...

Hello out there!
Well this my very first blog post, and thanks to anyone who came by to read it :)

I'll get straight to the point shall I ? Valentines Day is tomorrow and lets face it, we can't get away from it no matter where we look. Lovey dovey movies on tv, sappy songs on the radio, and enough pink, red and chocolate to make you sick.

Now although I sound scorned, which I'll be honest I am a bit, as are most women (hey it's not our our fault! :) ), deep down I am just a hopeless romantic at heart. And at the end of the day I do still secretly hope prince charming will come along (preferably a brown haired, English musician, with a scouse accent-No? To specific? ha) So I just thought instead of grumbling about Valentines Day, which I've done all week, I'd just put it out there to the powers that be that in fact, I haven't completely given up. And neither should anyone else in my single-slightly anti love-secretly hoping position.
And nothing does heartache quite like Motown, so aside from not currently having a man cheat on me, this song pretty much sums it up. Enjoy, Happy Valentines all, and remember, the day is about anyone you love, not just schmoopy couples :) x


  1. Isn't it great?! So catchy! Thanks for the comment!! :)

  2. I keep coming back here to stick on the song, I can't seem to find it on MP3. Love the song! Had it stuck in my head all morning.